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Soca PHD

DJ Shaker
Soca PhD aka Soca Professor is one of the most musically versatile DJs on the Soca scene who has been DJing professionally in the UK since the early 90s.

Soca PhD has gained his in-depth knowledge of Soca music over many years of study and purchasing original Soca music, starting with his very first purchase of Lord Shorty's "Soca Explosion" album way back in early 1979. He has also sourced first-hand knowledge by interviewing many of the original Soca pioneers including Ed Watson and the late father of Soca & Jamoo, Ras Shorty-I.

Soca PhD's love for the Soca art-form is very deep and cannot be expressed in words - it is like his woman, his culture and his religion all wrapped-up in one!
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Represent Soca Show with Soca PHD / Bacchanal Soca Show
Tuesday - 9pm to 11pm / Saturday 2pm to 4am
Genesis Radio
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